The power of lettering to boost your digital marketing strategy

Vladimir Bardyk


In digital marketing, differentiation and emotional connection with the audience are key to a brand’s success. The use of lettering is a powerful tool to add uniqueness and depth to the identity, as well as to strengthen your social media strategy.

In this article, I will detail three aspects of lettering that will significantly contribute to the personality of your brand.

1. Unique lettering design:

The world is saturated with visual messages, so originality is crucial to stand out. Lettering gives us the ability to design unique letters, thus avoiding the constant use of generic typefaces. Creating a unique lettering style for a brand makes the typography stand out from the crowd and immediately captures attention.

2. Closeness and humanization:

One of the strengths of lettering and letter illustration is its artisanal and personalized nature, which gives a human and artistic touch to the brand. This enables a deeper connection with the audience. This authenticity can be a crucial factor in building trust and loyalty among brand followers on social media.

3. Lettering is art to connect:

Art triggers emotions and tells stories. Lettering and letter illustration allow you to merge the emotional aspect of art with the functionality of design and marketing strategies. This unique combination can lead to more memorable and effective campaigns that resonate with audiences on a deeper level.

My conclusion

Lettering and letter illustration are much more than just design tools, they are powerful vehicles for expressing a brand’s essence and personality, as well as for captivating its audience in the digital world. By integrating these art forms into our digital marketing strategy, we not only add value to our agency, but also provide our clients with the tools they need to stand out and thrive in an ever-evolving digital environment.

About the author

Vladimir Bardyk studied advertising graphic design specializing in corporate identity and audiovisual production at UCAL, and has a micro degree in UX and UI from UTEC. He has more than 5 years of experience in digital design. Vlad is about to complete his first year at MAKE, his mission is to test and incorporate artificial intelligence to optimize workflows.

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