The unknown truth about soft skills and marketing

Gabriela Torrejón


There are many skills in life and work, but soft skills add the magic touch to everything we do.💫

So what are soft skills?

It is those interpersonal skills that make us shine in our response to the environment.

 We could define them as our personality in action, making our social relationships very good and tasks easier to perform.

Why are they so important in marketing? In the creative world, soft skills are the engine that drives success for three reasons: They improve peer relationships, increase productivity and bring work performance to success.

What are those magic skills needed in Marketing?

1. Empathy💖

It is about understanding the points of view and feelings of others. In marketing it allows us to understand and connect with our partners/customers on an emotional level, which results in stronger and more loyal relationships.

2. Assertive communication🗣️

It is important to learn how to express opinions effectively, adjust the tone of voice and choose the right time in order to avoid conflicts in our teams.

3. finding solutions  🧠

There is nothing better than being part of a team with the ability to overcome conflicts, identify effective strategies and, above all, streamline processes. I find that this skill is in high demand in the marketing industry.

4. Adaptability to change 🔄

In a fast-changing world, it is valuable to be able to adapt in order to successfully deal with the challenges of a competitive environment.

5. Creativity 🌈

Creativity can be applied across the board, both in coming up with creative ideas and in facing challenges. An open-minded team will ensure that our strategies not only meet expectations, but also offer that extra bit that our clients always expect.

6. Organization 🗓️

Having the ability to decide which tasks will be carried out during the day helps the team to focus on what they set out to do, saves time and increases efficiency and productivity..

7. Continuous learning📚

It helps us to adapt to new trends, to constantly improve our skills and to create very innovative strategies to achieve success.

8.Knowing how to share what has been learnt🤝

Sharing what we know is like sowing seeds! This way, we create an environment where we all collaborate and grow together, not only on a personal level, but also as a team.

Now that you know what these super skills are, it’s time to cultivate them. My advice? Do a self-test or consult a close colleague to identify which one you want to improve. I am sure that if you integrate them, your results will be amazing and your work goals will be one step closer to becoming a reality! Come on, you can do it!🌟💪

About the Author:

Gabriela is a communications graduate from ISIL and has been working for a year as an account and audiovisual executive at MAKE. She is a fan of doing puzzles, making crafts and being in contact with nature. Her dream is to help many people who are looking to grow professionally and personally, through creativity.

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