The role of education in digital agencies

Ericka Espino

Directora General de MAKE

On World Education Day, I want to highlight that education is a key player in the digital world.

How did I come to this conclusion? Well, in my 26 years of professional experience, about 25 years have been oriented to digital business.  I have observed the constant evolution and transformation of businesses and individuals through digital stimuli.

Over the years, education has been my constant companion and enabler in the advancement of my professional career. I have invested in master’s degrees and specialized courses that have enriched my knowledge, helped me to understand the context and to value its impact on people.

By combining my professional growth with educational roles, I have experienced the mutual enrichment of knowledge, where teaching and learning become a virtuous cycle of continuous growth. Therefore, I would like to share three reflections:

1. The digital world never stops

It evolves at a speed that can render yesterday’s skills obsolete today. This reality requires us to have a solid knowledge base and keep an open and adaptable mind to new paradigms. At MAKE, we strive to embrace the latest trends and technologies to stay relevant in the marketplace, And we encourage the team to continuously learn.

2.Technology facilitates access to many educational resources

From online learning platforms to webinars and podcasts, knowledge is at the click of a button and this helps democratize education to follow the changing demands of the market, enhancing our value in the workplace and business, but also to develop individually, as promoted by Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4).

3. Promoting education in companies is fundamental

Updated and trained talent is the cornerstone for our competitiveness and long-term success. It is crucial that each individual seeks to enhance their abilities to advance in their work or their own ventures.

As we look ahead, it is apparent that the skills and knowledge that will define the successful leaders and professionals of tomorrow are constantly evolving and continuing education and professional development are not simply options, but imperative needs for those seeking not only to adapt but also to thrive in the present dynamic digital landscape. Education becomes key in this digital world.

My conclusion

Constant learning drives people’s capacity for innovation and therefore the talent in companies that make it possible to develop new solutions in the market. Education is a tool that must guide our journey into the future, ensuring that we are not only prepared to face today’s challenges, but also to imagine and build tomorrow’s solutions, and this is the task of governments but also of citizens and companies. Are we willing to keep learning and innovating?

About the author

Ericka Espino is a Computer Engineer with specializations in digital business and process management, complemented with an MBA and a Master in Business Management.  She is currently pursuing a PhD in Education and teaches in international master’s programs.  As CEO of MAKE, Ericka faces the challenge of leading the agency towards its international consolidation. A lover of culture, theater and travel, her vision is focused on the development of human talent, promoting their professional growth.

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